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What do you need to let go of and what do you need to change?

I asked my wife, “what is this” holding up a canvas bag. “It’s for potatoes. It is to give them a longer life. You put the potatoes in the bag and they last longer and are in better condition than when you keep them in plastic bags.” Great was my only comment. A few days later I opened the cupboard … Read More >

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Effective project sponsor briefing is essential.

It’s a key strategic objective. The very success of this project will ensure that the company steals an estimated 12 months on the competition and give you huge competitive advantage. It’s been in research phase (for 8 months) and now, after a successful business case has been developed you are given the project to deliver. This is your first involvement … Read More >

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I’m really effective. Are you?

Over the years I have seen many project managers working really hard. They work long hours, work weekends and really ‘go the extra mile’ to deliver that project. But, I have sometimes questioned this approach and asked groups on training courses or individuals the same question; how effective are you? I get a variety of responses from puzzlement to a … Read More >

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What’s missing from your projects?

I was filing away action plans from a recent project management course and noticed the wording from one person who answered; stakeholder management is missing. He explained to the group that there are often issues in the ‘people aspects’ of project. He said this could be dealt with by undertaking a detailed stakeholder analysis and then putting into play some … Read More >

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New! Online project management courses.

I have often been asked whether Project Agency has any online courses. We do now thanks to a partnership with Mike Clayton who runs OnlinePMCourses. Mike has produced a series of online video tutorials which will enable you to develop your project management skills and abilities still further. The videos are crisp, informative and really practical. Why not get one … Read More >

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Is risk management really that effective?

I was looking for a blog posting put out a few years ago. Sadly, I did not find it but I did find something else…. Yes, I found a blog posting called where’s my whistle? I explored the need for a systematic risk process for projects. I reflected that while this has got better, it is not that much better. … Read More >

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