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Stop that project roll out – ensure you pilot it first.

I was running a project management course and we got round to discussing project planning. The discussion moved in the direction of piloting a roll out of a project. One person asked for an example and I gave them from where I live. The London Borough of Barnet has been changing its refuse collection service. Instead of two small bins … Read More >

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What do your customers say about your project management services?

The party was well planned: hotel visited and booked in July 2011 a separate dining room area agreed by the hotel – a lovely cosy room just big enough for our small but important party the bedrooms inspected and all to be refurbished by the time we hold the party (it was 9 months to the party date) a hamper … Read More >

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Whatever happened to the customer service project?

I have worked in many organizations where customer care is the most important issue. Vast training projects were established, customer care kits developed and the staff were event treated with respect. But now….today, what is customer care really like? Pretty awful I’d say. I have had many bad experiences over the last few weeks culminating in an awful 2 hour … Read More >

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