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So, as my project sponsor….

Project Manager (PM): Can I just check, are you the project sponsor for this project? Project Sponsor (PS): Yes, I thought you knew that PM: Well, I thought it was the case however, no one has formally told me. I am putting together various documents for this project and it is obvious that this will take me quite a while. … Read More >

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Project Governance – there are more questions than answers

Kristina Podnar (you can see her web site at http://www.nativetrust.com/) recently sent out a tweet which said: “Just because you say governance to me 5 times in a sentence, won’t make me believe you have it!” Kristina made me reflect on this quote: what does project management governance mean to people I come across? is there an overall governance approach … Read More >

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A project management register – where’s yours?

I ran a really good 2 day project management training course for a group of staff all from the same department. The Director came in near the end and we spent some time looking at the number of projects as well as project management issues. He was clear that the time was well spent but would be even better if the … Read More >

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If we had been honest we would never have received project approval!

This was a statement made by a speaker at an event I attended in London some 10 years ago. I cannot remember what he spoke about. I can however remember the issue he was referring to. It was the estimate of time and cost given to the relevant Government Minister over a significant project.  What he admitted was that if … Read More >

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Project scope proves its worth.

On a recent project management training course several course members queried the concept of project scope. The course participants are not full time project managers, some are team members and project management is seen as an add on to their normal day job. The group wanted a clear illustration of a good project scope. I gave them an example by … Read More >

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Age Concern Project wound up

A recent report by the Charities Commission has severely criticised the charity Age Concern for its membership scheme called Heyday. The scheme was established to attract around 3 million members within 5 years of launch in the age range 50 plus. Some of the members were paid for, some non-paying. The main aim of Heyday according to the charity was … Read More >

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