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“One of the worst cases of project management seen by this committee”.

The UK press were full of a report this week by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) which audits government projects and spending. It accused the Department of Transport (DOT) of suggesting its shared services system would cost taxpayers £81 million rather than saving £57 million! The report makes dreadful reading. Here are some snippets: • There are 3 ways in … Read More >

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Project governance – the death of a project; lost in the bureaucracy

The project manager was very disappointed. He had in his words sweated to deliver the project on time, to budget and with the right results. He was so disappointed with the company that he resigned and went to work with a company who in his words ‘put energy and effort into having structured project governance’ rather than a ‘free for … Read More >

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Performance management – but does it measure project management?

I spoke to a prospective client recently. He was suggesting that they had the most up to date and effective performance management system. Now I did not want to put myself forward as a performance management expert to him (and to you!) so I asked him what it measured. He rattled off various headings that this on line system covered. … Read More >

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So, where’s your project sponsor and how good a job do they do?

I spoke recently at a meeting in Manchester. There were two other speakers at this event and one of them told the following story: A well known organisation wanted to be world class in their projects and programme management. They looked at the overall strategy and there were 6 key organisational projects. The problem from the speaker’s perspective was that … Read More >

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So, as my project sponsor….

Project Manager: Can I just check, are you the project sponsor for this project? Project Sponsor: Yes, I thought you knew that PM: Well, I thought it was the case however, no one has formally told me. I am putting together various documents for this project and it is obvious that this will take me quite a while. I want … Read More >

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The death of a project…..

At what point do you stop a project? That was the question posed on a recent 2 day project management event we ran for a client. It’s a great question and one which the group pondered over for a while. They came up with an interesting list, some of which are shown below. They may not be specific to your … Read More >

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