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It couldn’t happen in a project…surely not?

Yesterday saw the arrest of a 31-year-old man in connection with allegations of unauthorised trading which has cost Swiss banking group UBS an estimated $2bn (£1.3bn). He has been detained by police in London. Jonathan Siburn Assistant City Editor, Independent suggested: If ever there was an advertisement for splitting retail banks from investment banks, here it is. Looking for an … Read More >

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Change management – it makes money (for others)

She held the group with her illustrations of money making. This is the only way I can describe a course we ran for a client. A relatively new staff member explained that she was the only member of her family not to go into the family building company. It did small repairs through to major builds. She explained that the … Read More >

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The Campaign for Real Project Sponsors

Peter Taylor (author of the Lazy Project Manager) started a campaign to improve project sponsorship. Many of you will know I have written about the need for this type of development for project sponsors. I have reproduced Peter’s original blog – with his permission below. ========================================= Critical to any projects success is having a good project manager we all know … Read More >

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This week’s BIG question

Is this business case flawed? I was delighted to hear the question! The project looked as though it would improve delivery of a service. The computer system was ordered and training was built into the business case. In all, it looked like the software would speed up delivery. The person asking the questojn about the business case asked; how much … Read More >

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Do you have gates in your project?

In the spoof western film Blazing Saddles someone uttered these immortal words: “We’ll head them off at the pass!” Hedley Lamarr (played by Harvey Kolman) says “I hate that cliché!” and promptly shoots one of the actors in the foot. (I did say it was spoof western!) So what is the link between this and project management? Let’s look for … Read More >

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Will the games go ahead? A failure of governance?

Yesterday, during The Perfect Project Course I asked course participants what words they would use to describe the overall monitoring and control of the projects they are working on. The main ones are captured below: • poor • inconsistent • we don’t manage project changes effectively • variable • non existent We had a break for coffee and during this … Read More >

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