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Londoners, dig deep in your pockets for yet another troubled project

Today, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan ordered an enquiry into the escalating costs of the former Olympic stadium site. The original Olympic stadium is now home of West Ham United football club. However the escalating costs have raised more than a few eye brows. In 2015, former mayor Boris Johnson said the change from an Olympics arena to a … Read More >

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How many of your projects follow this learning route?

Five years ago the press had a field day: Disastrous Opening Day for Terminal 5 British Airways reveals what went wrong with Terminal 5 Technical glitches hit Terminal 5 opening Rebuilding of Terminal 2 started in July 2010 and will re-open in June this year. The bosses of Heathrow are as you could imagine ‘cautious’, and are looking quite carefully … Read More >

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Failed project costs taxpayers £50million

Headline news in the British press today (see here and here and here and) shows the risks in getting a project very badly wrong. A project designed to get best value for the tax payers (the franchise to run the West Coast rail service) has finished up costing an estimated £50million and the contract still needs to be tendered out! … Read More >

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The Shard. Picture courtesy of http://www.londonbridgequarter.com/the-shard/overview

Out of tiny acorns….. mighty projects grow!

By Alison Smith. Many of you will be familiar with the television programme called The Apprentice. This started initially in the US with Donald Trump pitting the ‘Street smarts’ against the ‘Book smarts’. Since it began there have been several versions of the show all around the world. Here in the UK, Lord Alan Sugar is the business tycoon who … Read More >

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Crossing the line and learning from it

By Alison Smith, Project Agency I managed to see the recent Formula 1 Grand Prix from China. The teams spent the winter months (when not racing) redesigning their cars and making adjustments according to the new rules in place. They tested the cars in wind tunnels, and on tracks at both their factories and all over the world, to ensure … Read More >

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Do we really learn from our project successes or errors?

My basic induction into the world of training and development included a lot of work around identifying learning and ensuring that this is applied back in the workplace by trainees on courses.   I try and link everything we do on project management courses back to learning; back to the place of work. As a follower of sport I keep hearing … Read More >

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