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Learning from projects – Jerry points the way ahead

While browsing the net I came across Jerry Madden who retired from NASA in 1995 as Associate Director of Flight Projects at Goddard Space Flight Centre. He had a 37-year career and was considered by many of his peers to be one of NASA’s “premiere” Project Managers. Jerry collected over 100 lessons from project management. The actual list grew to … Read More >

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Do we really learn from failure

I came a cross a useful Blog about learning from failures. This Blog, written by Allan Kelly is really good and I have printed the first part of it here: Its an often heard expression: “We learn from our failures”. Particularly when you’ve just failed at something: “Well put it down to experience.” I’ve always had my doubts: if we … Read More >

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When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn*

How many times do we read that we must learn from our mistakes (I would also add from our successes!)? We encourage all of our clients to: use lessons learned reports or learning logs throughout projects hold end of project reviews where learning is at the centre of the meeting However, our experience shows that few projects use both of … Read More >

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