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Optimistic planning bias strikes again?

The headlines are there for all to see: “High speed rail scheme cost to double to £80bn, economists warn”. The government in reply said “The budget will not be exceeded”. I am often left puzzled by headlines like this. I wonder whether there is a level of dishonesty among politicians (and senior civil servants) with the public over the real … Read More >

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It’s good to be optimistic, but in projects it can be a real problem

By Alison Smith It is generally accepted that there are two types of people in this world – optimists and pessimists. It is often thought that pessimists are a negative force, but in projects perhaps the opposite is the case. How many of us have been backed into a corner at a project meeting and end up inadvertently making a … Read More >

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Project Optimism

I watched one of the many property programmes we have here on UK television recently. The scene was set at the property auction. Soon the bidding started on the featured 3 bedroom property. The hammer went down and the next scene showed the interviewer with the beaming successful purchaser. “What are you going to do to this property” the buyer … Read More >

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