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Why I’ve Lost My Way As a Project Manager

I read a lot of blogs and articles and I came across this from Elizabeth Harrin who runs a site called a Girls Guide to Project Management. It is a frank and open article and with Elizabeth’s permission I have reproduced this below. The original article can be found here.   Since maternity leave I’ve been in a more operational … Read More >

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Do you need a good dose of personal development?

I ran a two day project management course recently. The two days went well, and I had some really positive feedback. Now before you think this is some advertisement for this course it is not! It is an article which suggests updating your knowledge and your skills…on an ongoing basis. Let me explain. One of the people on the course … Read More >

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This weeks question…

Is this project a good idea? Someone said recently that: not every idea is a good idea. It needs testing to check out among other things: the business benefits the risks of undertaking this project the investment required and return on investment How? Use of a business case will help….

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