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How to communicate bad news to your project sponsor

This is a guest post from Helena Liu, PMP. Delivering bad news to your project sponsor is not an easy task that any project manager. You never know what you can expect. However, projects almost never go according to plan, resulting in extensions and budget increases. Learning how to communicate deal with and communicate bad news to a project sponsor … Read More >

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Harry Potter station refurbished – platform 9¾ set to stay

Kings Cross Station in London serves 45million passengers a year and this will rise in the next decade to 55 million. It is major railway station and interchange for the underground alongside a link to St Pancras station which is next door. The station is being restored at a cost of £400million and has a roof that can cover three … Read More >

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“Great news; project budget increased!”

In the immortal words of Victor Meldrew I do not believe it (British humour at its best!). £7million per HOUR for the London Olympics opening and closing ceremonies. This was the headline in The Mail Online The Telegraph on line quoted a cost of £250,000 per day to keep the Olympic site secure with The Guardian suggesting London 2012 Olympics … Read More >

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