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How do you counteract scope creep?

I received an interesting invitation from @Deltek_UK. I replied that this deserved more than 140 characters on Twitter and I would write a blog about it. So here goes, the Rosenhead manifesto for counteracting scope creep: 1. Scope freeze – this is a simple process of having a rule; if you want to change the scope of a project then … Read More >

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My Big Cry – Confronting My Limiting Factors

Over the years I have read many blogs, articles, tweets. They all add to my knowledge base and I can use and do use many of the ideas in the running of project management training courses. One very powerful Blog I read recently was written by Susanne Madsen.  I met Susanne earlier this year discussing many issues including project management … Read More >

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I need to be able to control my project

For just over 3 weeks I have been trying to sort out a real mess with my Broadband supplier BT. This has cost me lost time, lots and lots of emotional stress and strain and guess what, we are into week 3 and the problem has only just been sorted out. I mentioned my frustrations to a group of people … Read More >

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