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Different country, same project management issues

This last 2 years has seen me visit Switzerland (4 times), Northern Ireland (twice), Amsterdam, USA (3 times) and UAE. (This is in addition to the many different visits to various parts of mainland UK.) The experience has been good and the groups very passionate about learning and project management. I usually include a session on what goes wrong in projects. What … Read More >

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Crossing the line and learning from it

By Alison Smith, Project Agency I managed to see the recent Formula 1 Grand Prix from China. The teams spent the winter months (when not racing) redesigning their cars and making adjustments according to the new rules in place. They tested the cars in wind tunnels, and on tracks at both their factories and all over the world, to ensure … Read More >

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Are your cost saving projects saving money?

Well, according to the National Audit Office (NAO) many do not: The initial costs of sharing ‘back office’ functions (started in 2004) had start up costs of £1.4billion against an estimated £900million. The project was set up to save £159million Shockingly, 2 departments; Department of Work & Pensions and Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs did not keep … Read More >

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The importance of project failure

Have you ever been to an interview where you say you have ALWAYS delivered? Beware….Tommy Norman is a great article suggests that if you never fail: *  you never learn *  you are not dealing with a strategic project *  you have not done much This is a good article and suggests what I have been saying for many years: … Read More >

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“One of the worst cases of project management seen by this committee”.

The UK press were full of a report this week by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) which audits government projects and spending. It accused the Department of Transport (DOT) of suggesting its shared services system would cost taxpayers £81 million rather than saving £57 million! The report makes dreadful reading. Here are some snippets: • There are 3 ways in … Read More >

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A study in project failure

Another report on project failures! This time it is about the IT industry by Dr John McManus and Dr Trevor Wood-Harper. These two academics carried out research among 214 information systems (IS) projects over a 7 year period. They established that only one in eight information technology projects can be considered truly successful (failure being described as those projects that … Read More >

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