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What has pruning my hydrangea bush got to do with project management?

A lot! Well we finally saw some sunshine in London over the weekend, and I asked my gardening expert (my elder sister Denise) whether it was OK to prune back all the dead wood on my hydrangeas. A definite yes saw me sitting next to this bush pruning away. While sat there my thinking juices starting to run riot: why … Read More >

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What are your project management reporting standards?

A simple question however the answer is often quite complex. Why? The main reason for the complexity is that in some companies (many), there is no agreed standard of what project reporting should look like. To check this out, over the last 3 months I have carried out a simple activity. I got people to describe on a post it … Read More >

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Projects happen in many ways

I am indebted to Thomas Kennedy (@ThePMCoach) who tweeted: “Project happen in two ways: Planned and then executed or Executed, stopped, planned and then executed” I looked at this and thought; Thomas, good stuff however what about all the other (many many options)? Here are some more: Planned, executed, risk identified, re-planned, re-executed and another risk identified or Planned, senior … Read More >

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