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Lots of project activity but nothing to show for it

I had an interesting conversation with a client recently. They had been asked to look at a project where a significant amount of money had been spent on consultants, where a huge amount of management time had been expended but where nothing had been delivered: little stakeholder satisfaction lots of project meetings no actual products (tangibles) identified nor delivered project … Read More >

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We should make it mandatory for ALL projects!

Well, these words produced some heated debate! We were on day one of a 2 day project management course working our way through a stakeholder management exercise. The three groups really engaged with the activity. After completing the activity we had a great debate and there were lots of learning points from the activity. Then someone stunned the course in … Read More >

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I just do it – why do I need any processes for my projects?

I had an interesting experience recently running a project management course for a group of staff. I asked the group what issues they faced in running their projects. A range of problems were raised: legislation not yet in place but the project still needing to be planned and have a risk assessment!! key people leaving lack of specific resources including … Read More >

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Leadership development + project management training = real difference

The weather at Heathrow airport was awful and for the first time ever, I felt dizzy on an aeroplane; and it was on the ground. When I looked at the wings, I understood why I felt so ill. The wind was moving the body of the plane and you could see the wings going up and down. As soon as … Read More >

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