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What does project management mean to me?

How on earth did I get into project management? Let me go back some 20 years. I was what we would call today an OD Manager (organisation development manager). I worked with managers to bring about change. I was sat in my office and there was a knock on the door: “Do you have a few minutes Ron?” That was … Read More >

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Steering groups – do they add any value?

I was drawn to an on line article about cutting ‘red tape’. There are a lot of different points in the article however I want to focus on one of the points in the article: “His review of red tape will examine the function played by about 30 separate steering groups and boards in the running of the corporation.” I … Read More >

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When the project runs into problems, who do you call for help?

By Alison Smith It is almost a certainty that at some point along the lifecycle of your project something unusual will arise. It may be small, large or even fatal, but who do you look to, to resolve the situation? Where should you look for answers? In some projects there may well be the desire to get outside help first … Read More >

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Do you need more skilled project staff?

The more courses we run, the more times we hear the statement; “we do not get the right resources onto our projects.” Several articles point to a ‘national crisis’ (see Business Fear Skills Shortages Could Hold Back Growth or  UK firms facing ‘critical’ skills shortage ) and there is even an official government skills shortage list To deliver projects effectively … Read More >

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The pieces of the jigsaw are now starting to fit

I was struck by the above comment from someone on a recent project management course. The person who made the comment had been involved is several projects – as a team member and a project manager. But, he had received no training in project management, until now. He said he had gone through all sorts of traumas trying to deliver … Read More >

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Do you recreate your successes in projects?

By Alison Smith In the news this week it has been announced that there will be the recreation of a student prank from 1958. The prank carried out by engineering students was to put an Austin Seven car on top of the Senate roof at Cambridge University. Many had wondered how they had managed to get a car onto such … Read More >

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