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What has pruning my hydrangea bush got to do with project management?

A lot! Well we finally saw some sunshine in London over the weekend, and I asked my gardening expert (my elder sister Denise) whether it was OK to prune back all the dead wood on my hydrangeas. A definite yes saw me sitting next to this bush pruning away. While sat there my thinking juices starting to run riot: why … Read More >

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Despite your best plans, what happens when things still go awry?

By Alison Smith Here in the UK over that last week or so we have suffered the usual issues with snow falling, and an inability to manage the issues that this throws up. There were plenty of advanced warnings that heavy snow was forecast; local authorities stated that they were prepared to manage the conditions. But yet again the areas … Read More >

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Today’s quiz question on project management is…

Let me set some context first before posing you a question around 150 of us were asked. I signed up for an APM webinar on Monday of this week (March 25) and along with around an audience of 150 listened to Martin Samphire and Andy Murray talk about Effective Governance of Change. It was a really worthwhile session and many … Read More >

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What role do you play in this project?

I had an interesting discussion with a new client. They wanted me to run a series of project management training coursed based on their in-house approach. I met a couple of the key people in the organisation and asked for all the project documentation they had. As soon as I saw the documentation I realised there was a problem; role … Read More >

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How to say no without saying no!

I wrote a Blog some 4 years ago called “When a Project Manager has to say no.” It was based on someone who attended one of our project management courses who wanted me to tell him how to say no. Well, the same thing happened recently. Someone quietly came up to me at the first coffee break and said that … Read More >

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Crossing the line and learning from it

By Alison Smith, Project Agency I managed to see the recent Formula 1 Grand Prix from China. The teams spent the winter months (when not racing) redesigning their cars and making adjustments according to the new rules in place. They tested the cars in wind tunnels, and on tracks at both their factories and all over the world, to ensure … Read More >

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