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How creative are you and your project team?

Can The Personality Traits of a Project Manager Contribute to Project Success?

From time to time we publish a guest Blog – this is a guest Blog by Michelle Symonds which is well worth a read. Certain personality traits can contribute to the success of a project manager and other traits can hamper the effective management of a team and a project. So cultivating certain personality traits and moderating others can lead … Read More >

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The new project team member – 3 views

So the new team member will come on board shortly. The previous team member left the company to take a job 300 miles away and that was some 5 weeks ago. How on earth will he ever catch up? How will he fit in? Here is a snap shot of thinking from three viewpoints: the new team member the project … Read More >

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The real value of project management paperwork.

“I don’t like all this paperwork,” said one of my course participants ” “OK, so would you like to tell us your reasoning?” I asked him. “Well, it will slow the project down if I have to all of the things you mention. I want a quick delivery and I won’t get it this way” “Let’s examine this with the … Read More >

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How effective are your project teams?

Steven Covey (of 7 Habits fame) appeared in a video which asks a number of tough questions. Among them: How effective are your (project) teams? Are your (project) objectives clear? Is the company strategy clear? The bracketed words are mine. Covey points to a survey by Harris Poll on goal setting and involvement which identified: as few as 15% could … Read More >

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Develop your project team and quickly!

So, Mark Hughes has been sacked from Manchester City and the football club have already appointed a replacement. Hughes was in position as manager just 18 months however after around 3 or 4 months the club was taken over and became the richest football club overnight. He spent well (around £200 million) but the results were just ‘not good enough’. … Read More >

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Project management teams – how are yours “selected”

How effective is your project team? Are they a team or are they a representative of a part of your business? We receive mixed feedback from people who come on our project management training courses. They suggest that little time spent on putting the right team together to manage and deliver a project. Now, contrast this with the recruitment of … Read More >

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