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Which project management template is the most important?

I was asked this question late last year on one of our project management training courses. I had introduced the group to a range of templates over the two days and one person asked this question towards the end of the day. I responded by saying that this was the first time I had been asked this question. I threw … Read More >

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“They make it easier to keep track….”

I had an interesting conversation last week with someone who had used our project management templates. This person had seen the templates, downloaded the templates and used them. She was really pleased with them and wanted to feedback that: ….it makes it easier to keep track of the project I can protect myself and the project team We can measure … Read More >

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Project management templates – are they worth while doing?

I was coming towards the end of a recent project management course when someone raised the above question. This guy was pretty clear that they were a waste of time, bureaucratic and offered no real benefit. I asked the group to split into smaller groups and go away and discuss the merits or not of having project management templates. The … Read More >

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The case of the missing project manager

A true story! Only the name has been changed. Day 1 0930: No JT today? Reply: I’ve not seen him today. (In a raised voice) anyone seen John? No reply 1030: Please ring JT and see if he is joining us 1045: There’s no reply from his phone. It went straight to voicemail. Day 2 0900:I wonder if JT is … Read More >

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I just do it – why do I need any processes for my projects?

I had an interesting experience recently running a project management course for a group of staff. I asked the group what issues they faced in running their projects. A range of problems were raised: legislation not yet in place but the project still needing to be planned and have a risk assessment!! key people leaving lack of specific resources including … Read More >

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What paperwork do you use in projects?

This is a question I frequently ask of people who attend our courses or in one to one discussions. The answers are interesting: • we have a file but little goes into it • we have some templates however I am not sure where they go to once we complete them • yes, I have seen a PID (project initiation … Read More >

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