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How often do you take the helicopter view?

I have recently emerged from an incredibly busy time. Various courses need to be prepared, researching (including a visit to the it The British Library), writing and discussions with clients. I was so busy that I did not even have time to blog! Then I took a step back. In fact, it was to take a helicopter view. You see, … Read More >

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What does project management mean to me?

How on earth did I get into project management? Let me go back some 20 years. I was what we would call today an OD Manager (organisation development manager). I worked with managers to bring about change. I was sat in my office and there was a knock on the door: “Do you have a few minutes Ron?” That was … Read More >

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When the project runs into problems, who do you call for help?

By Alison Smith It is almost a certainty that at some point along the lifecycle of your project something unusual will arise. It may be small, large or even fatal, but who do you look to, to resolve the situation? Where should you look for answers? In some projects there may well be the desire to get outside help first … Read More >

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The pieces of the jigsaw are now starting to fit

I was struck by the above comment from someone on a recent project management course. The person who made the comment had been involved is several projects – as a team member and a project manager. But, he had received no training in project management, until now. He said he had gone through all sorts of traumas trying to deliver … Read More >

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Practical project management training – it works!

Last week saw me running 2 Perfect Project courses for a client in Switzerland. Both groups went through a wide range of practical activities designed to develop their project management skills. Interestingly, someone commented on my colleague Alison Smith’s blog Training is like coffee – you need the right blend! I received an email saying that bespoke was best. I … Read More >

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Making project management compulsory. What do you think?

I woke up this morning to an interesting tweet from APM Hong Kong Branch This was in response to me suggesting that stakeholder management should be compulsory. The suggestion by APM Hong Kong cannot be faulted unless… When I read the tweet I immediately thought of a conference I attended as a delegate and someone from the floor spoke about … Read More >

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