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Whatever happened to the customer service project?

I have worked in many organizations where customer care is the most important issue. Vast training projects were established, customer care kits developed and the staff were event treated with respect. But now….today, what is customer care really like? Pretty awful I’d say. I have had many bad experiences over the last few weeks culminating in an awful 2 hour … Read More >

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A project management register – where’s yours?

I ran a really good 2 day project management training course for a group of staff all from the same department. The Director came in near the end and we spent some time looking at the number of projects as well as project management issues. He was clear that the time was well spent but would be even better if the … Read More >

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Handling multiple projects

What is the ‘best way’ to handle multiple projects? This is a question I am asked on a regular basis. I usually start by saying that this is a time management and personal organisation issue as well as a project management question. Let me explain why I say this. From experience of working with individuals or project teams what comes … Read More >

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If we had been honest we would never have received project approval!

This was a statement made by a speaker at an event I attended in London some 10 years ago. I cannot remember what he spoke about. I can however remember the issue he was referring to. It was the estimate of time and cost given to the relevant Government Minister over a significant project.  What he admitted was that if … Read More >

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Practical Project Management Training – it works!

No, I am not surprised that it works but I want to shout it long and loud.  I have been running practical tried and tested project management training courses for many many years. These range from half day overview sessions to much longer events. Some are based on the client’s in-house project management system, others our own methodology which works … Read More >

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Project scope proves its worth.

On a recent project management training course several course members queried the concept of project scope. The course participants are not full time project managers, some are team members and project management is seen as an add on to their normal day job. The group wanted a clear illustration of a good project scope. I gave them an example by … Read More >

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