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My projects suffer from resource theft II

I wrote an article recently about resource theft in projects; I was encouraged to do so from a comment on a project management course I ran. The article is published below for the 2nd time. Why? I put a link to the blog on LinkedIn and I had some really interesting comments back from people and I thought them worthy … Read More >

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How effective are your project teams?

Steven Covey (of 7 Habits fame) appeared in a video which asks a number of tough questions. Among them: How effective are your (project) teams? Are your (project) objectives clear? Is the company strategy clear? The bracketed words are mine. Covey points to a survey by Harris Poll on goal setting and involvement which identified: as few as 15% could … Read More >

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Do we really learn from our project successes or errors?

My basic induction into the world of training and development included a lot of work around identifying learning and ensuring that this is applied back in the workplace by trainees on courses.   I try and link everything we do on project management courses back to learning; back to the place of work. As a follower of sport I keep hearing … Read More >

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How project managers can narrow the skills gap

I am hearing from those who attend our project management training courses that there are problems in getting the correct resources for projects: • we cannot recruit the right quality of staff • we need a specialist HR person but we do not have one A web search shows that there is a skills shortage in the UK: Open University … Read More >

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Which projects are priority projects?

One of the many complaints that I receive is that there are too many projects going on at any one time. If I do not get the complaint directly, I can see that some people are engaged in 4 or 5 projects and are struggling to deliver. A post earlier this year suggested that a company had identified the capacity … Read More >

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51 and 3 – two key numbers in project communications

I recently introduced a new exercise into my project management courses. The reason; I was concerned, very concerned about project management communications. An analysis by Project Agency showed that just over 68% of people (of approximately 1400 people surveyed) feel project communications are poor or very poor. The exercise is in three parts: Part 1: I get people into small … Read More >

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