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Which are my top blogs?

Last week I gave you my reflections on writing 400 blogs. I met someone who read the article and she asked me which blogs were my top 10 (in no particular order). I suggested a few and then thought: I’m not too sure about this. So, after a bit of research here they are. They are linked to the original … Read More >

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Stop that project roll out – ensure you pilot it first.

I was running a project management course and we got round to discussing project planning. The discussion moved in the direction of piloting a roll out of a project. One person asked for an example and I gave them from where I live. The London Borough of Barnet has been changing its refuse collection service. Instead of two small bins … Read More >

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It’s good to be optimistic, but in projects it can be a real problem

By Alison Smith It is generally accepted that there are two types of people in this world – optimists and pessimists. It is often thought that pessimists are a negative force, but in projects perhaps the opposite is the case. How many of us have been backed into a corner at a project meeting and end up inadvertently making a … Read More >

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Sounds like a plan…. but will it work?

I was walking locally and someone was shouting into their mobile phone: “I can’t hear you. Speak up. Aah, that’s better” They then proceeded to speak on the phone, not as loud but still loud enough to broadcast to anyone nearby. “Sounds like a plan,” he said and closed the conversation. I was left smiling with those words ‘sounds like … Read More >

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How good is your project planning?

No, I do not mean production of Gantt charts or estimating time and money or using planning software or even developing a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure). I mean developing a plan so you have sufficient capacity and capability to deliver the overall project management agenda. Capacity – sufficient project manager’s to run the projects you have already and are likely … Read More >

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The 7 deadly sins of project management

The course was going really well. The group was really engaged and we were even ahead on time. Then came the question: What would you say are the 7 deadly sins of project management? It brought a few smiles from the group. I suggested as were near the end of the project management course why not split into 3 groups … Read More >

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