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Where’s your project & programe management strategy

This morning’s news was full of criticism of the UK Government for its lack strategic thinking is leading to a “patch and mend” approach. The Public Administration Committee said an absence of national strategy was leading to “mistakes” such as those following the recent Budget. Now, there is NO way that I am going to get into a debate about … Read More >

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Too many projects – identifying priorities helps

The project management training course was going well. There was much discussion and engagement with the many exercises …but I couldn’t help feeling that I needed to address the one main issue that had come up numerous times; too many projects. But how? The clock was in our favour and I wrote a quick activity on the flipchart which read … Read More >

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Show me how to say no & the link with triple constraints

He arrived late, around 45 minutes late to be precise. He had been waiting in a traffic queue caused because 3 cars were involved in a serious accident. He was sweating and looked glad to be in the training room. I offered him some coffee which he accepted and quietly sat down. I mentioned to him we were at that … Read More >

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Project Control; myth, fantasy or a great big gap?

I suggested in a recent Blog  that senior managers should can carry out their governance role more effectively. I had a couple of direct emails from people saying they agreed, but what should the senior manager (sponsor) be doing? One of the people suggested the detail of role people play depends upon the project underway. I have no problem with … Read More >

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Cull those projects and right now!!

Consultants are frequently asked for their advice and I recently gave some which really caused a few people to raise their eyes… I was asked what project management advice I would recommend to companies in the current economic climate. I came up with 3 issues which have an acronym, CAT C- Cull those projects. Companies need to be really clear … Read More >

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