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If only common sense was…. well common!

The above idea came from a tweet I saw in April. It read: I must admit I was taken aback by this. Why? Before explaining fully let me say a thank you to Operation Saves Lives, they probably never intended the above to go in the direction I am going to take it. So why was I taken aback? Well … Read More >

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It’s people who count in projects

What are the 3 key project management problems you face? That was a question I posed on a recent project management training course. I asked the group to put each answer on to a post it note and theses were put on to a flip chart to examine. It is interesting that of the 27 post it notes 14 of … Read More >

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What does project success really look like?

I was discussing success of projects with a group recently. The conversation centred around what success really looked like. After several comments I reminded the workshop members that the business case and the PID are designed to help identify success but will not in themselves create the results. The discussion was interesting as the group expressed real difficulty in developing … Read More >

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