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We need to spend more time educating our clients

I have worked in many companies delivering project management training where there appears to be an issue with my clients complaining that their clients keep changing the specification of work. In order to dig a little deeper I have asked my own clients ask a number of simple questions: What have you done to really tease out client needs/expectations? Have … Read More >

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It’s time to introduce a selection process for project sponsors

In our book “Strategies for Project Sponsorship” (published by Management Concepts) we made the suggestion the company should be making every effort to interview for project sponsors. Not external candidates, but internal ones.   Now as we suggested in the book, “if your company has a strong project management culture this idea is entirely plausible. If not, then it is … Read More >

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Project managers, do you agree? Your job is boring?

According to an article in the Independent newspaper ‘the world’s most boring jobs’ have been revealed. Emolument, an employment specialist has surveyed 1,300 professionals in 14 different sectors and project management did not do well! It was the second most boring job! Now I could give you my ideas as to whether project management is boring however what do you … Read More >

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Do you believe your organisation fully understands the value of project management?

Last week, I wrote that success rates in projects are improving. The posting was based on the PMI Pulse of the Profession Report, 2017. This report is a mine of information and one aspect caught my eye on page 28 of this 29 page report. It asked the question: “Do you believe that your organization fully understands the value of … Read More >

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Londoners, dig deep in your pockets for yet another troubled project

Today, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan ordered an enquiry into the escalating costs of the former Olympic stadium site. The original Olympic stadium is now home of West Ham United football club. However the escalating costs have raised more than a few eye brows. In 2015, former mayor Boris Johnson said the change from an Olympics arena to a … Read More >

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No member of staff should ever feel like they did…

Both of the sales assistants were incredibly embarrassed. One of them must have apologised around 8 times alone. My wife and I could see her discomfort and we could certainly feel it. But why were she and her colleague put into such a position and by such a prominent high street store? I needed to get some new clothes. I … Read More >

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