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You cannot deliver this project early.

I had a meeting with Alan. Our conversation ranged from project management e-learning to sales and marketing activity alongside project management training and wider training issues. Alan has seen and done many things in his time and during discussion he stunned me. He told me the story of developing a stand alone e-learning project for an internal client. There was … Read More >

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Put yourself into 2nd position in your project

I often ask groups I am working with what’s it like putting yourself in 2nd position? Unsurprisingly, I get all sorts of strange looks and usually have to explain what I mean: Putting yourself in 2nd position is putting yourself into someone else’s shoes e.g. a project stakeholder –looking at the project from their point of view During a case … Read More >

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My projects suffer from resource theft II

I wrote an article recently about resource theft in projects; I was encouraged to do so from a comment on a project management course I ran. The article is published below for the 2nd time. Why? I put a link to the blog on LinkedIn and I had some really interesting comments back from people and I thought them worthy … Read More >

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This weeks BIG question!

What’s my role in this project? “I said to my manager unless my role in this project is sorted out by the end of the week then I will simply leave. ” This brought an audible intake of breath from those on the project management course. The manager sorted this out pretty smartly but what a shame it took someone … Read More >

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How to make your project management training more effective

The course started and I asked who had been on a project training course before. There was one person. He was less than complimentary about the course he had attended using words such as boring; a waste of time and not very effective. I was able to move on pretty quickly before he depressed the rest of the course – … Read More >

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Project structure; it killed the project

I did not like what I saw and heard! I had been asked if I would train a group of professional managers who were tasked with delivering some key business projects. According to my contact, “these people are struggling to deliver their projects.” I asked to meet with a few of the project managers to check out needs in more … Read More >

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