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The Nosey Project Manager

Yes, I have been accused (proudly) many times of being nosey. Why is this and why am I proud? When I visit a client they often have a view of what they want. The trouble is it is in their head and it is often difficult for them to articulate. Or they can say what they want but it is … Read More >

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When a project manager has to say no.

I have often been asked by a project manager how to say no. Sometimes the demands on the manager are (in their words) so unrealistic or unachievable that they face a real dilemma; how to say no. I have often advised those on project management training courses that rather than say a direct no (which many would like to do) … Read More >

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Seasonal greetings with this amusing project!!

Yes, occasionally I come across an amusing project. Not many I can tell you!! Why not read a true but yet amusing story by Barry Shore? I hope it brings a smile to your face. Thank you for reading in 2008 and may all your projects be delivered on time, to budget and with the right results. See you in … Read More >

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How long will it take?

Imagine you are in a meeting and discussion is taking place about a possible project. No business case has been developed nor has there been any analysis of project risks. Its very early days in the “life” of this project. Then, a question, directed at you, which you have to answer. “How long will it take and how much will … Read More >

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