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It’s not worth my while doing this…

Some of my garden tools needed sharpening and I tried to find someone locally to do the job. I could not find anyone. I went on line which proved fruitless, until I thought I hit the jackpot.   I sent an email off to the company and they came back pretty quickly and said: “I am only able to travel … Read More >

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The project manager is leaving. What will we do?

It has been the big news of the week here in the UK, that football’s longest serving manager Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United, is to retire at the end of the season on 19th May 2013. He has been in the role for 26½ years and has an unrivalled record of premiership wins, and trophies won over the time … Read More >

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Despite your best plans, what happens when things still go awry?

By Alison Smith Here in the UK over that last week or so we have suffered the usual issues with snow falling, and an inability to manage the issues that this throws up. There were plenty of advanced warnings that heavy snow was forecast; local authorities stated that they were prepared to manage the conditions. But yet again the areas … Read More >

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Do you carry out a primary survey before starting a project?

By Alison Smith Last weekend I attended an essential first aid course run by St John’s Ambulance. Whilst it covered many life saving skills, as well as treating minor injuries, we initially spent some time discussing how you carry out a primary survey. Just to explain a little more; the idea is that if you come across a casualty, before … Read More >

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How healthy are you (and your project)?

It has been a tough 6 weeks in the Rosenhead family. We have had our own (small) tsunami of illness. Firstly, my wife fell and broke her wrist, another relative contracted a serious virus, my daughter and I both contracted a chest infection and the list could be longer but I think you get the general drift! My own schedule … Read More >

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Monitoring and control in projects is essential to avoid risks derailing your project

By Alison Smith This week if you are based anywhere in Europe you cannot fail to have picked up on the major scandal of unexpected meat making its way into commercially produced foods . After the shock, acceptance of what has happened, the search for accountability and the need for a way forward to prevent the issue occurring again, we … Read More >

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