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Olympic security debacle – lack of controls?

The UK media and newspapers are so full of a story it I thought I would add my thought – specifically the link with project management. An overview The Olympic Games start in 7 days and it’s reported that ‘we are good to go.’ Well almost. For those who have not read about the security debacle you may want to … Read More >

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My projects suffer from resource theft.

I was taken aback by the above comment from someone on a recent project management course. The group had been discussing project management problems and RESOURCE THEFT was mentioned. The group listened as the course participant explained that he would be working on a project and then all of a sudden a project resource (a person) would be taken away … Read More >

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Did you carry out your risk assessment Ron?

OK, I got it wrong!! I admit it to you and I admitted it to the group. It just shows you that you have to be alert during projects 100% of the time. If not the impact….?? Let me set the scene. • A full project management training course • Lots of activities • Lots of flipcharts • A really … Read More >

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Read the instruction manual first – or ensure you know where your project is going

I came across an interesting Blog site recently. It is called The Happiness Project written by Gretchen Rubin. She has a great writing style and in her latest article Gretchen says that too often she does not read the manual; she rushes in and tries to use the new device or gizmo! Sound familiar? It does to me and close … Read More >

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