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How healthy are you (and your project)?

It has been a tough 6 weeks in the Rosenhead family. We have had our own (small) tsunami of illness. Firstly, my wife fell and broke her wrist, another relative contracted a serious virus, my daughter and I both contracted a chest infection and the list could be longer but I think you get the general drift! My own schedule … Read More >

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There are no risks in this project!

I am rarely stuck for words but….I was! I was running a 2 day project management training course and we were discussing risk management as a key area for project managers. It was during this session that someone uttered the following words: “My manager told me on presenting a risk log that there are no risks in this project. Risks … Read More >

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Are you a stressed project manager?

Mike Boyer has written an excellent Blog called How Many Projects Are Too Many? He included a checklist in the article which I think is worth while repeating here: My daily leading indicator checklist for each project: 1. I’ve sent a summary of actions or minutes for meetings that I chaired that day. 2. I’ve spoken individually with each member … Read More >

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