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Are there too many project management qualifications?

I received telephone call from a very confused person. Allow me to explain. Janet (not her real name – she has given me permission to write about this) is really keen to create a project management career. She had done a large amount of research (“too much” was what she said) and wants to develop her knowledge and skills and … Read More >

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Project risks – it is even more important to identify and manage them.

I was invited to a friend’s house recently. There were probably 35 people all enjoying themselves; me included. I spoke to quite a number of people and one person said something that stuck. Mark was employed in one of the big banks here in the UK. He knows many people who work in medium to large companies and is surprised … Read More >

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Develop your communication skills or your projects will fail!

I have been collating statistics on a number of aspects of project management for quite some time. This includes project management communications. 67% of people said that communications were poor in their projects. This is a huge percentage and has remained pretty constant for quite a while. I came across an article with entitled; “How to sell an EA project … Read More >

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Good time management is essential for project managers…

‘The bad news is that time flies. The good news is – you’re the pilot’. Michael Altshuler Project Manager Alan Fudge* had a reputation and was known throughout the organisation – for all the wrong reasons! ‘Ron,’ he confided, handing me a glass of red wine ‘the problem is I cannot settle down. I seem to flit from project to … Read More >

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Are you really managing stakeholders?

 I was talking with a project manager who was complaining about the interference from stakeholders. He suggested that the stakeholders were getting in the way of managing the project! After brief questioning he soon realised that it was his management of them that was the problem: he had not fully identified who the stakeholders were. If he had, he would … Read More >

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When the project manager HAS to say no!

He came in late, approximately 30 minutes late. By this time we were almost at the end of the introductions. I suggested he relax, grab a coffee and then he could tell us a little bit about himself and what he wanted to get from this two day project management training course. He relaxed and then introduced himself apologising for … Read More >

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