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Project management kick off meetings – what is the point?

I was asked during a meeting with a client what is the point of a project kick off meeting? Apparently, the sponsor (who I was meeting with) was being pressurised by a project manager to hold such a workshop. The sponsor felt it was a waste of time. I suggested that the project manager should be congratulated for the suggestion. … Read More >

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It’s risky not assessing project management risks!!

I have worked with professional staff within many industries ranging from bankers to clinicians, from social workers to nurses, from lecturers to engineers. All of these in their professional capacity undertake in some form or another risk assessment. Many of the articles in the professional journals focus on risk as an integral part of their profession. Imagine my surprise when … Read More >

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For project manager, read consultant!

The emphasis for many project managers within organisations is to further develop and build on their project management skills. This usually means attending a project management course, such as our two day Perfect Project event or maybe PRINCE2 or ITIL or equivalent. These are really good programmes and they will certainly help develop their project management skills. However; and it … Read More >

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