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People deliver projects; not processes

It has been an interesting few months working with clients and listening to some of the issues course participants face: My sponsor takes a too hands on/off approach and I find it difficult to deal with I have a team member who despite saying they will deliver simply does not. No matter what I do they always fail to deliver … Read More >

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So, how good are you?

I said; “So why not score yourself against the criteria you have just developed? “ The course participants launched themselves into the activity and they took it just a bit further than even I imagined! So let me explain what they were actually doing and how it came about. During a recent project management course we were discussing the need … Read More >

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Are people skills the final project management frontier?

I was going to start this blog with a couple of questions; how good a driver are you and how good a lover are you. But, I decided against it…. I have been running project management courses and working with project sponsors, project managers and project teams for many years. The focus of many of these courses, coaching sessions, or … Read More >

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How creative are you and your project team?

Can The Personality Traits of a Project Manager Contribute to Project Success?

From time to time we publish a guest Blog – this is a guest Blog by Michelle Symonds which is well worth a read. Certain personality traits can contribute to the success of a project manager and other traits can hamper the effective management of a team and a project. So cultivating certain personality traits and moderating others can lead … Read More >

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Project management training – identify the key players

Who goes on to training courses in your company? Is it those who want to go in order to develop their skills? Is it those who are identified as needing training or is there no overall approach to selecting individuals? Training is expensive! The payoff from it can be many times the cost however I wonder how many companies take … Read More >

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It’s people who count in projects

What are the 3 key project management problems you face? That was a question I posed on a recent project management training course. I asked the group to put each answer on to a post it note and theses were put on to a flip chart to examine. It is interesting that of the 27 post it notes 14 of … Read More >

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