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Today’s quiz question on project management is…

Let me set some context first before posing you a question around 150 of us were asked. I signed up for an APM webinar on Monday of this week (March 25) and along with around an audience of 150 listened to Martin Samphire and Andy Murray talk about Effective Governance of Change. It was a really worthwhile session and many … Read More >

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More investment in training & developing internal project management process is needed

Do you have consistent project management?

Much publicity has been given to the government’s announcement today that a consistent method of food labelling on the front of front of packaging ‘would start next year.’ A combination of guideline daily amounts, colour coding and “high, medium or low” wording will be used to show how much fat, salt and sugar and how many calories are in each … Read More >

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Your first project

So, your boss has just given you your first project. You know that there are some processes and points you should cover in delivering the project but you are unsure where to go next. Here are some pointers to help you deliver on time and to budget and make that good impression! Define your project One of the first things … Read More >

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The numbers simply don’t stack up.

In 2009 I wrote a blog called Projects at NIL cost! Essentially, I found that (too) many project managers were working on projects without including any estimate of the cost of their time. In general, management time was not costed. Move forward to October 2012 and the West coast mainline franchise fiasco. (see http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/oct/03/west-coast-mainline-rail-franchise-cancellation-reaction) It is interesting to see that … Read More >

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Olympic security debacle – lack of controls?

The UK media and newspapers are so full of a story it I thought I would add my thought – specifically the link with project management. An overview The Olympic Games start in 7 days and it’s reported that ‘we are good to go.’ Well almost. For those who have not read about the security debacle you may want to … Read More >

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Where’s your project & programe management strategy

This morning’s news was full of criticism of the UK Government for its lack strategic thinking is leading to a “patch and mend” approach. The Public Administration Committee said an absence of national strategy was leading to “mistakes” such as those following the recent Budget. Now, there is NO way that I am going to get into a debate about … Read More >

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