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Strategic Project Management – A Competitive Advantage

Is project management in your company driving competitive advantage? I have long argued that once the overall company strategy has been agreed, you have a group of projects that drive activity. This has been supported in an excellent article Prof. Sebastian Green, Dean of Faculty of Commerce and Professor of Management & Marketing at University College Cork, was interviewed by … Read More >

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Does your project fit into the ‘Golden Thread?’

I recently met a person who worked in a company that operated its project management via the “Golden Thread” = strong and clear links back to the strategic agenda.  I was told about the rules: Does the idea/project link back to the strategic objectives? If yes, then develop a business case and apply the companies project management approach to the … Read More >

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Who is driving project management in your business?

During a discussion with a client it suddenly hit me. Here we were talking about improving project management in the company but what was staring us in the face was the need to have a driver; the vehicle had no one steering it! The driver was senior management. They were too busy; they failed to engage with the new project … Read More >

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Project management – is it getting worse?

I received an interesting press release this evening. I have copied all of it below: The Standish Group’s just-released report, “CHAOS Summary 2009,” “This year’s results show a marked decrease in project success rates, with 32% of all projects succeeding which are delivered on time, on budget, with required features and functions” says Jim Johnson, chairman of The Standish Group, “44% were … Read More >

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What do we want? We want a project management process? *

When I ask individuals who come on our project management training courses what they want to achieve by attending the training one area jumps out; they want a project management system or process. They do not want bureaucracy; they want practical approaches that will help deliver projects on time to budget and with the right results and they want a … Read More >

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Cull those projects and right now!!

Consultants are frequently asked for their advice and I recently gave some which really caused a few people to raise their eyes… I was asked what project management advice I would recommend to companies in the current economic climate. I came up with 3 issues which have an acronym, CAT C- Cull those projects. Companies need to be really clear … Read More >

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