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Project out of control…..read this!

Actually, you need to read something else! Let me explain! I was searching the web today and read a really good article written by Margaret Da Haan. The article explains: • even as a project manager you can manage something well that is outside your comfort zone • that the discipline of project management can be used in all situations! … Read More >

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Project roles – let’s make them clear, for you, the client and the company!

“We do not have that structure here” he said. I asked, “How useful would it be to have that structure?” “Very, it would help me clarify my role and other people’s roles in projects. I’m not the only one who does not know what role I am playing” Yes, he spoke for many people! We were speaking about project roles … Read More >

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Government Projects – why they fail

The UK government’s record on IT projects is not very good. So says Computer Weekly in a recent article where it lists 13 IT projects that have not delivered against the original objectives. Now, it is all too easy to criticise governments for failing to deliver (yes, I have fallen foul of this one) but, what can we all learn … Read More >

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The lessons of project management; they go with the rubbish?

I must have around 12 metres of shelving in my office and I decided it was time for a good clear out. So, I took valuable time out and started to move a lot of ‘old stuff’. I pulled down old files. I found some long lost material and I piled up a lot of files to go for recycling … Read More >

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Are you really doing the right projects?

“It’s no joke out there. We must tighten our belts a good couple of notches.” Are there any alternatives? I asked. “Such as, do tell me.” What about your key projects? Do you have a list of them? Do they link into the overall strategy of the business? “What’s the benefit of having this?” You’ve told me everyone is really … Read More >

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A key strategic project – but how well is it resourced

“This is a key strategic project which is not being delivered, Ron.” “You are the sponsor so do you know why it is not being delivered?” I asked him. “I think the project team are not up to the mark.” “That is a strong statement,” I said. “I believe you selected them. What makes you say that?” “Yes, I did … Read More >

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