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The death of a project…..

At what point do you stop a project? That was the question posed on a recent 2 day project management event we ran for a client. It’s a great question and one which the group pondered over for a while. They came up with an interesting list, some of which are shown below. They may not be specific to your … Read More >

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It’s not always doom and gloom – project success rules!

Do you remember the bridge that collapsed across the Mississippi? That was August 2 2007. It unfortunately killed 7 people when it collapsed. I was delighted to read that this bridge will be rebuilt by the end of the year and possibly earlier. The selected contractor submitted a bid of $234 million with a timetable of 437 days. The bid … Read More >

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When all hell breaks loose in your project

I received the following in my email recently:I want to know your thoughts when a project manager fails to raise the flag in cases of scope creeps, estimations, budgets etc. In short, in not so ideal world what are recommended techniques (if there is any) when all hell breaks loose Important stuff and very real. It reflects a lot of … Read More >

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Using project management as a change agent!!

“If you look around any organisation you will see their strategy is divided into a series of projects….” I wrote that in 1999!! It was true then and is certainly true today. But, what does this mean for companies today?  It means the strategy of the business needs breaking down into projects, portfolios or programmes.  All active projects should have … Read More >

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Do you have a project office? You need a project office!!!

I have worked with many people who manage a project office. These are people who I describe as being at the hub or centre of project management within a business. They really keep their finger on the pulse and I feel are a key to ensuring projects deliver on time, on budget and with the right results. I’m not the … Read More >

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“Senior managers need to get deeply involved in project management”

Mark Morgan  written a book called Executing Your Strategy. I have not read the book however I like the information on the Internet I came across: One of Mark’s key messages is “There is simply no way for senior management to accomplish a strategic transformation without getting deeply engaged in project management, the organizational systems that surround it, and the … Read More >

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