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We need more detail but how do we get it?

I have observed many, many people when they start a work breakdown structure (WBS). The initial enthusiasm is tempered with the call from some; we need more detail. But, they soon come to a rapid halt unable to develop the WBS any further. As one person commented, “We seem to have hit the wall.” I have seen this happen frequently … Read More >

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Practical project management training – it works!

Last week saw me running 2 Perfect Project courses for a client in Switzerland. Both groups went through a wide range of practical activities designed to develop their project management skills. Interestingly, someone commented on my colleague Alison Smith’s blog Training is like coffee – you need the right blend! I received an email saying that bespoke was best. I … Read More >

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Work breakdown structure – HOW?

I have written before about the need for project managers and project team members to have excellent questioning skills. This aspect comes into its own during the session when I explain the concept of work breakdown structure (WBS). I describe what it is, its importance and how to develop a WBS. Once I have demonstrated with the group how to … Read More >

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The one thing missing in projects – time to manage them

There are many aha moments for participants on our project management training courses. (Aha – a moment of clarity, a defining moment when someone says; “I can use that in my project!”) Clearly, the learning points come at different times for different people. Over the last few months a pattern has started to emerge where participants on our courses seem … Read More >

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